"Xeranthemum"  Original Mixed Media Artwork 4"x 6"

"Xeranthemum" Original Mixed Media Artwork 4"x 6"

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"Xeranthemum" is a group of flowers in the "Aster" family.  They make excellent dried flowers, in fact the name comes from Greek words meaning "Dry Flower".  The delicate papery petals almost look dried even while they are still growing and will retain this shape for years.

This original mixed media artwork was drawn with a water soluble pen with my non dominant hand on a collaged substrate of papers including some from a vintage textbook on beekeeping.  I added a wash of gesso before doing my drawing, then brought the piece to life with watercolors.  

The artwork is 4" x 6" on paper and will be shipped to you in an archival sleeve so that you can frame it to your liking.