Welcome to Didi's Daily Dabble! this is a portion of my very first email


Welcome to my daily email where I will be sharing my newest “dabblings” with you right here Monday through Friday.

 Mondays at Didi’s Daily Dabble are “Mixed Media Mondays”.  What exactly IS “Mixed Media” anyway?  Strictly speaking it is any art in which more than one medium or material is used.  That's SO fun!  I love digging into my stash of arty goodies and pulling out all sorts of stuff and using them on one project don't you?  I invite you to join me and create something, anything that uses several different materials.  It can be as small as a scrap of paper or a big involved assemblage, it's totally up to you!  Next week I'll share with the group any photos you share with me.  (If you would rather I not add them to the email that's fine too..just let me know your preference.)  It's not a contest and I know none of us are art critics so let's just play and have fun and don't worry about if something isn't “good enough”.  Did you take some time to be creative?  Did you have fun?  Did you maybe learn something new?  Then it's all good!!

My first project I shared was an art journal that I created from scratch using lots of mixed media techniques.  I filled it up with an assortment of different papers so the person who purchased it can have many possibilities for creativity. My "Dabblers" are the first people who I share these projects with and they get "first dibs" when a item is available for purchase.  I invite you to begin receiving all my daily emails so you won't miss out on what's next!