Watercolor Wednesday "Starr's Mill" replay from January 25, 2023

My hubby and I love to get in the car and explore whenever we can.  We both grab our cameras and jump out of the car and go wandering all over the place taking pictures.  It is always interesting to me when we get home and put them up on the computer and see how we both can be in the same place at the same time and come home with such different photos!

 This photo of an old mill in Georgia was my inspiration for my painting on this Watercolor Wednesday.  I took some liberties with it because I'm an artist and my goal isn't to paint another photograph.  I thought it would be fun for all of us to use this same reference and see how different people using their favorite mediums and techniques interpret my photo.  So even though I shared it on Watercolor Wednesday….if watercolor isn't your thing grab whatever IS your thing and go for it!

 Now it's YOUR turn!  Have fun and please share with me!

The original watercolor painting "Always Take The Scenic Route" is available for purchase right here on my website.  Check out this and all my "Watercolor Snapshots" and choose your favorite to display in your home or send as a gift.