Watercolor Wednesday "Frosty Leaves in Watercolor" replay from January 4, 2023

Recently my husband and I were surprised with a few VERY cold mornings and had to bundle up for our walks together.  We were so taken with the beautiful frost on the fallen leaves that we had to force ourselves to stop taking photos and get our exercise! 

 It just so happened that I discovered a YouTube demonstration a few days before that showcased how to paint frosty leaves in watercolor.  I was inspired but thought I would have to be looking for reference photos online.  What a treat to be gifted with some real life frost…it was meant to be!


Here's the finished piece!  Are you inspired?  I'm including the link to my original email that contains more photos of my process and how to watch the tutorial I found showing how to paint frosty leaves in watercolor. 


Just right click on this link to open the original email


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