Watercolor Wednesday "Winter Barn" replay from January 18, 2023

On Wednesday's I like to share one of my "watercolor snapshot" paintings with my email subscribers and tell them a little more about how I painted it, a tutorial I followed, or offer some other resource to inspire them to paint something similar.

This week I painted a barn in the snow using a reference photo I found in a private Facebook group that's all about sharing photos for artists to use as reference.  I included to link to follow to join the group and encouraged everyone to check it out.  The group is so organised and easy to search and use.  I have both shared photos for others to paint from and used photos I found there to help me paint.  They do have rules and one is about sharing photos that aren't yours, so I wasn't able to show people the actual picture I painted my barn from.  I like a group with integrity don't you? Here's the link to my original email so you can read all about it and find out how to join the group. (right click on the link so you can open it in your browser)


I also shared my experience with a masking pen.  

" I have been wanting to try masking fluid for awhile now but was a bit worried about how it might treat my paintbrushes.  I had read others talk about tricks you can do to keep them safe, but I know me and I can't even remember not to dip my paintbrush in my coffee!  I know I'm not the only one!  When I spotted this pen filled with masking fluid at a reasonable price I decided that was the way to go.  I used it on my painting on the white trunk of the small tree and over the green leaves and also for some of the snowy places in the background. "


Here's my finished piece. 
I hope you check out the Facebook group and are inspired to use some of the reference photos in your own artwork.  Let me know what you think of this resource!  Also I invite you to do a search for  “Winter Barn in Snow” and create a painting using your style and materials.