Tutorial Tuesday "Printing without a Gelli Plate" replay from January 31, 2023

I love pulling prints using my gelliplate, but I know that not all artists have one so was super excited to see this tutorial by Shawn Petite aka @ArtGirl38 demonstrating how to pull prints WITHOUT a gelliplate!  Grab your favorite stencils, acrylic or craft paint, plain tissue paper and a big old paintbrush or makeup sponge and give this a try.  I created all the prints in the photo above using Shawn's technique.

 Don't forget to get that “cleanup” print off of your stencil with another sheet of tissue paper, those are some of my favorites!  I did notice that with this technique your first piece of tissue paper will have a thicker layer of paint on in than you would with a gelliplate…so I tried pulling another print off that first one and was super happy I did!  I had a lot of fun experimenting with printing without a gelliplate, it was just as addictive!  

Here's another look at the prints I was able to create without a gelliplate following Shawn Petite's tutorial.  I layered some of them on an old math flashcard and am super happy with how they work!  It's so cool how the tissue paper just melts into the background. 

Here's the link to my original email so you can go directly to Shawn Petite's awesome tutorial.  I hope you enjoy it and get a chance to try out her techniques.  I'd love to hear what you think!


(right click on the link to then open it in your browser)