Tutorial Tuesday "Peeling Paint effect" replay from January 17, 2023

In this email I shared with my subscribers how to easily create the "peeling paint" effect using acrylic paints and petroleum jelly (aka Vaseline).  I was pleased with how it worked and it was lots of fun too! I hope you are inspired by it and give it a try.

The basic idea is that oil and water don't mix, so the Vaseline resists the acrylic paint  and wherever you put the Vaseline on your work the paint won't “stick”. 

I did a bunch of layers of different colors (it's hard to stop because it's soooo cool!)  Use the heat tool to dry the paint, watch the bubbles happen then wipe everything off.  It's like magic! I let things cool off awhile and then couldn't resist adding some birds.  Love 'em!

Here's the link to the email so you can see all my process photos and also how to find the tutorial I shared. (Right click on the link then open it in your browser)