Tuesday Tutorial "Upcycled Coffee Sleeve Journal" replay from January 24, 2023

This Tuesday Tutorial was inspired by one of our many coffee shop visits.   I was getting ready to throw away the sleeve my latte came with and my arty hoarder brain kicked in and said “you know you could do something with that….”  I didn't know yet what that something would be, but I rescued my coffee sleeve…and several others in weeks to come knowing one day I would have an inspiration.  (Sound familiar?  Houston we may have a problem! LOL) 

Fast forward to the day I woke up with the idea.  “What if I cut one edge of the coffee sleeve and made it into a journal cover?” 

 Once I had that thought the journal pretty much built itself.  I decorated my cover first.  Then I traced around it and cut out the pages that will go inside from painty papers in my stash.  This is a mini journal so you don't need too many if you want it to close.  I use 6 sheets, so when folded in half you have 12 pages.

 Don't worry!  Binding this journal is so simple!  Stick with me folks, you can do this! Put all your pages inside the journal cover as you like them and use a binder clip or clothespin to hold everything in place while you do the next steps.  Grab an awl or use a giant sewing needle to poke two holes through the pages and cover like I did in the picture below.  No measuring or calculating, just make two holes! 


 I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and you are inspired to create your own mini journal out of a recycled coffee sleeve or perhaps something else you rescued to “do something with”.  Please send me an email sharing what you get up to so I can show it off to everyone!