Throwback Thursday "You are the Artist" replay from January 5, 2023

You may be curious what exactly “Throwback Thursday” is all about.  I thought it would be fun to choose some of our artwork from the past (it could be years ago or even last week!) and take inspiration from it and create something new! 

 My artwork this time ended up being an example of one of those times the art took a different direction than planned.  Kind of funny really considering the piece I chose to revisit today!  I made the first piece a few years ago on the base of one of those page a day calendars.  It is important to me that the epemera I include has something to do with the art I'm trying to create, so the calendar pages made me think of planners and the verse went with it.  I wanted to give it another go with similar colors and materials and see how it came out.

As I was working on my piece I found a snippet of book text that was about planning a garden.  When I was arranging all my bits and bobs the words “you are the artist” kept jumping out at me.  I just had to highlight them so added the gold circle.  I had to take a break to fix dinner and I was chattering about it to my hubby.  He commented that he liked it just as it was….and you know what…I really did too

 Here we are and I am deciding that yes, “I am the artist” and this time I'm listening to the art and that bit of found words is going to be the star this time.  I found the same words in a larger font and added them so they won't be missed. It's OK to change your plan in the midst of creating. 


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