Throwback Thursday "an ICAD revisited" replay from January 19, 2023

On Throwback Thursdays I like to get inspired from some of my art from before, could be years or just weeks before.  I always invite folks to join the fun and either be inspired by what I create or to hop into their own "wayback machine" and see what they can find to revisit. 
 One of my favorite art challenges to take part in each year is the Index Card a Day challenge.  The only rules really are to create something every day on an index card.  I found some 4x6 inch cards that I just love working on.  For this week's Throwback Thursday I went digging through my basket of beautiful decorated index cards and this one jumped out at me. 
In my email I shared some pictures I took as I worked on my new piece and as a special bonus the following Friday I shared a link to an artist who shared the Freebie download I used for the bird and some of the background!  
Here's the link to my email if you are interested in seeing my process pictures.  I wish I could share the link to my Friday Freebie but those are exclusive to my subbies, so be sure to sign up for Didi's Daily Dabble and you will get one every Friday!
(right click on the link so you can open in your browser)